San Jose has always had a big soccer community and a huge influence from its soccer community. From soccer clubs of all ages through out the city to the San Jose Earthquakes there has always been soccer roots in the city. So it brings a lot of smiles to peoples faces that the city of San Jose has created a community center that has its own Hockey/street soccer arena. The city has also been hosting weekend pick up games as well as weekend tournaments put together by local San Jose resident Mauro Figueroa. With the help of the Roosevelt community center and the soccer youth, the new street soccer court and events have been thriving and bringing people in the community together.












Locals Only

Life’s all about enjoying time with your homies and loved ones that share your interests. On this sunny Monday afternoon we got to escape from the classroom to hit the local skate park off King and Mckee just to check out some local talent and get some photos. What I found was a bunch of skaters and bikers and kids just enjoying their afternoon the only way they know how. I got to kick it for a while and get some good shots and got to meet some cool local skaters from East San Jose who didn’t mind me snapping photos of them. What I got in return was awesome and raw images of a culture and a sport we are lucky to have here in California. Growing up here we’ve seen the culture grow and change so much from the days where it was almost illegal and frowned upon, to now, where we have multiple skate parks and designated areas to skate throughout San Jose. What started as a counter culture has sprouted into a big industry of talented individuals who devote their lives to inventing new tricks and perfecting their craft like many other artist.The locals definitely made me feel welcome and were chill enough to let me catch some photos. These dudes were cool and represent exactly what the skateboard culture is all about, skating until the sun goes down and riding off into the sunset, or in this case, the street lights. World Piece pays homage to, supports and respects the skateboarding culture in California and in our San Jose community.












World Piece street soccer Tourney

You can tell a lot about a company by the people who support it and those who represent it proudly, this brand is no different, over the past few summers, World Piece Clothing has been lucky enough to be a part of a culture bigger than clothing and street wear. Each year since our founding we have held an annual and sometimes seasonal street soccer tournament for the people and youth of San Jose’s community. What started as an innocent way to get out of the house and take part in something we all loved to do turned into a tradition that I couldn’t have imagined when we first began. It also an opportunity for one lucky group of soccer players to make a few bucks for the day. But money was never what made us get together, it was the fact that everyone came together to make something fun, cool, and competitive, something that brought us together, it gave us all the feeling that we belonged there with like minded individuals. World Piece is proud to be a part of something that contributes and gets people together from our community that represent the same culture we do. We are proud to be a part of the culture in San Jose that helped raise us and made us who we are. We’d like to take the time to thank anyone who has been a part of, shown up, or even played in any of our World Piece Street Soccer Tournaments, because without you guys they would never have been created or became a tradition. Here are the 2014 World Piece street Tourney champions!













Copa Mundial Collection: A tribute to the culture

image imageimageimagephoto 2

Today we released our Copa Mundial collection as a tribute to to all the World Cup  supporters as well as global soccer and cultural fans. Being from the United States I can remember vividly running through my dad’s soccer shop screaming “Goooooooooool!!” at the top of my lungs during the 1994 World Cup, which was held in the USA. Like many people I know, the World Cup was never just another tournament, it was always treated more like a holiday, a month long holiday that comes around once every 4 years. The World Cup is a cultural celebration. The amount of pride and passion players show after scoring a goal is something unparalleled by any other sport or competition. 20 years later were still as excited and are releasing this Copa Mundial capsule as a celebration and as a tribute to the World Cup we love so much.  When the World Cup comes around, life is good.



Sandy Beaches

With the weather getting warmer and summer getting closer we decided to gather up the homies and take a trip to the beautiful sandy beaches of sunny northern California. We made our way out to Half Moon Bay to catch some waives and sun and play an epic game of beach soccer. Goes to show that even on the most hectic weeks it’s important to grab a few beers and relax with some friends. While we were enjoying the sun, we even got to see a couple of adventurous rock climbers get stuck on the rocks, priceless. Here’s some photos from this week’s adventure. Thanks for supporting World Piece Clothing, tune in for our new drops coming this summer.


DSC_1037 DSC_0901DSC_0014DSC_0022


Exploring with the homies

We got the chance to kick it and chop some game with the homie and local artist/photographer Dario Cruz this week, it was cool to get away from school to get our head out of the books and see some creative work. While we were out wandering downtown San Jose with him and local musician and artist AC OH . We got some good looks at some San Jose art and some architecture. Being from San Jose we sometimes take for granted how dope of a city we really have, if we just take the time to explore it here and there you find some pretty unique spots and murals. So heres some photos from the homie Dario Cruz and AC OH. Thanks for reading


IMG_8349 IMG_8286 IMG_8305 IMG_8224 IMG_8257 IMG_7522

IMG_7520 IMG_7426 IMG_7452 IMG_7490

Not just another Statistic

Not just another statistic

Recently we had the chance to sit down with high school senior Jacob Muniz of Lincoln High, as a brand that supports higher education we thought it would be dope to share the achievements of this young student athlete. As a young adult growing up in the inner city streets on San Jose we know the difficulties and distractions the youth face that could easily take them off the right path to success. Despite all of that, Jacob is overcoming the odds by boasting a GPA of 3.7 and we couldn’t be more proud to have him represent San Jose as well as World Piece Clothing. Next fall he’ll continue to pursue his dream of playing soccer for Chaminade University of Honolulu on an academic and an athletic scholarship. Muniz is both a role model and a symbol of perseverance and determination among the soccer and academic community. Thanks for supporting the brand and making San Jose proud man, keep representing on the field and in the classroom.
Not just another Statistic
DSC_0776 DSC_0809

World Piece landscape

Thank you San Jose

Over the past few weeks our street team has been out in full force and we thought it would be a nice time to say thank you for being our supporters. We relesed some new stickers along with some of our new California shirts for men and women, the shirts are a tribute to the beautiful city of San Jose that we love and have grown up in. Over the past few years San Jose has established itself as a hub for street clothing brands as well as a place for thriving artists and we couldn’t be more proud of that, so this our way of saying thank you, and lets keep building San Jose.


A shot of Yanira in our World Piece trademark beanie and our simplicity tank top.

Sunny daze

This weekend we had the chance to catch up with some friends and collaborate with some dope artists, we got to check out a few dope locations and get some good visuals thanks to the homie Dario Cruz. We also got the chance to get in a brief interview with fellow artist and blogger Carina Castro, who is seen here modeling some of our new and most recent gear, also modeling is our good friend Yanira, a young woman with a dope sense of fashion. We had a good time exploring spots of downtown San Jose,California on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon. We also got to chill in the Sun and film some skaters who were some really cool dudes.

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Featured Artist: Banko

World Piece clothing presents to you a very talented young local street artist from east San Jose, California, who goes by the name, Banko.I ran into him while looking for some inspiration with my camera and shooting some photos. As I approached I asked him if he would mind me shooting some photos of his artwork, and fortunately he didn’t mind as long as I didn’t use his face in the image. He was extremely talented and knew his way around the spray can. I continued to walk down this canal and got to see a little more than I had imagine, including a piece by the legendary Girafa. After catching a few flicks of him painting in action and getting familiar with each other’s work he was even cool enough to give us a shout out in the piece. Look for him to be a part of a few of our upcoming collections and designs. His raw creativity combined with his natural bay area style put him on another platform as far as local street art goes, support your local artists.